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Website design and graphic art services located in Gympie. We design WordPress Websites that are functional, affordable and easy to update and maintain. They can be as basic or as complex as required, depending on your product or service.

We offer personal service and will come to you at your place of business or home to discuss your needs. All work is quoted beforehand so there are no surprises. We build our websites using WordPress and premiums themes, so you can be assured they work well and look great.

Google and other search engines are now asking for better security and better content on websites before they will consider putting that site forward in search results. So it is very important to ensure your site is secure and kept up to date. Content rich, secure sites will rank higher in search results. What this means in plain English is, the information on your page should be informative, accurate and completely your own words, never copy from another website. The information needs to be explained in depth, but in a way that anyone who visits your page can understand. A visitor should be able to find the information easily, without having to clicks on a lot of links.

As for the security part that is where we come in. All websites need a security certificate (SSL) some hosting companies supply this for free and others make you pay for them. They cost around $75 per year. A site with an SSL will have a picture of a padlock and the word Secure followed by (the ‘s’  after the http stands for secure). Every website needs to have this.

We make sure all our clients have everything they need to perform well in search results. Including optimising your website for SEO’S (search engine optimisation) setting regular backups and tight security measures.

We set up your analytics and submit sitemaps to all search engines. This will enable you to see how well your website is doing.

All work is done by us, we do not outsource anything.

This means when you need to change or add something to your website it can be done immediately with either a quick phone call or email.

You can phone any of our clients for a reference, we are happy to supply references, if you are local there is a good chance you will know most of them.



  • We are locals who only service Gympie Region
  • We offer personal service
  • Our rates are affordable
  • We do it all in-house with no outsourcing


  • We don’t just build your website –
    we keep it up to date and secure.
  • Analytics and Sitemaps added to search engines
  • SEO and keywords are included in our service


  • Facebook setup correctly for a business
  • Training in how to create interesting posts that will have people engaging with your business
  • Instagram, YouTube, TicTok etc.

Regardless of the kind of Website you want, we can help design something to fit your budget and your needs. We also offer 6 months of free website maintenance and training. A website is only one part of having an online presence, as such we set up everything for you and make sure it all links up. This includes online directories, true local, local search, sensis and Gympie Times Directory, plus social media sites such as Google Business Page and Bing Places, Facebook, Instgram, Trip Advisor etc. depending on your industry and needs.

We are a family business and take great pride in our customer service. We are locals who know Gympie well and want to see the area grow and thrive, as such we only service the Gympie Region. We have a couple of clients from Sydney but they are family and friends. We are often asked to design websites for clients in other areas but always decline as we have found the personal service we offer is what makes our company so unique and successful.

Another important point in relation to our service is you don’t pay until you are happy with the website and instruct us to go live. All advice is free so please don’t pay $3,000+ for a basic website until you have at least spoken with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Website Design, Domains Name Registration or Web Hosting, with no obligation.

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This is a simple statement but a complicated task. There are so many ways to list your business on the internet but most people only think of a website or Facebook.

There are plenty of options and most of them are free, Google is the best place to start. Followed by online directories such as True Local, Local Search, Sensis, which puts you on Yellow and White Pages. Then we have Yelp and Trip Advisor, but these are industry specific, and making a big push of late is Bing, but mainly because people don’t know how to change their default search engine.

Social media has its place but again it depends on the type of business you have, a car mechanic isn’t going to benefit from an Instagram account, whereas a restaurant or café would.

If you have no idea about any of what I just said, don’t worry we can add you to all these places and set everything up so it is linked. We even offer training in how to use them to your best advantage.

Buy Australian Made

Registering more than one domain, should you buy the .com | .au or .|org version as well?

Find out more about registering domains here.


One of the most common questions we are asked, is how and where to buy a domain name and web hosting. We recommend using an Australian Company for both as we have better security in our country, the prices are affordable and the servers are in Australia. This means all your information, including emails that run through your website, are stored in Australia.

Another question is should I buy The short answer is yes, once again it is more secure and will still be found overseas, if that is required. Many businesses buy both to stop other business using the same name, we simply add this domain as an alias but set up the main website on the domain.

There are a few companies to choose from and each have their good points and bad points. The prices are similar and so is the service. The size of the web hosting required will depend on how much information you wish to display, the kind of files used, video and photos take up more space than text and graphics, and if you plan to sell from your website.

Buying your Domain name should cost no more than $15 a year, and web hosting starts from $100 per year. This is for cPanel web hosting, which is fine for most websites. The overseas companies often advertise a cheaper price but beware, they don’t always include an SSL, cPanel so by the time you add on everything you need they can end up being more expensive. When you add in all the things you need it ends up being more expensive, plus they often advertise in US dollars. We also recommend buying your domain name and hosting from the same company for ease of use.

Give us a call and we can explain all this in simple terms.

Samsara Designs can help with all your Graphic Designs and Online Branding needs as well.


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