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Website design and graphic art services located in Gympie. We design WordPress Websites that are functional, affordable and easy to update and maintain. They can be as basic or as complex as required, depending on your product or service.

We offer personal service and will come to you at your place of business or home to discuss your needs. All work is quoted beforehand so there are no surprises and we can show you how update and make changes to your website to avoid any ongoing management costs. We build our websites using WordPress and premiums themes, so you can be assure they work well and look great.

We will optimise your website for SEO’S (search engine optimisation) as part of the service, set regular back ups and tight security measures. You can phone any of our clients for a reference, (see Testimonials Page), if you are local there is a good chance you will know some of them.

All work is done by us, we do not outsource anything overseas. This means when you need to update or add something to your website it can be done immediately.  Regardless of the kind of Website you want, we can help design something to fit your budget and your needs. We also offer 6 months of website maintenance and training in how to make changes and manage the site yourself.

We are a family business and take great pride in our customer service. We are locals who know Gympie well and want to see the area grow and thrive, as such we only service the Gympie Region. We have a couple of clients from Sydney but they are family and friends. We are often asked to design websites for clients in other areas but we have found the personal service is what makes our company so unique and successful.

Another important point in relation to our service is you don’t pay until you are happy with the website and instruct us to go live.

All advice is free so please don’t pay $1,000’s of dollars until you have at least spoken with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Website Design, Domains names or Web Hosting.


One of the most common questions we are asked, is how and where to buy a domain name and web hosting. We recommend using an Australian Company for both as we have better security in our country, the prices are affordable and the servers are located in Australia. This means all your information, including emails that run through your website, are stored in Australia. Another question is should I buy The short answer is yes, once again it is more secure and will still be found overseas, if that is required.

There are a few companies to choose from and each have there good points and bad points. The prices are similar and so is the service. The size of the web hosting required will depend on how much information you wish to display, the kind of files used, video and photos take up more space than text and graphics, and if you plan to sell from your website.

Buying your Domain name should cost no more than $25 for 2 years, and web hosting starts from $60 per year. This is a cPanel web hosting and is fine for most websites. The overseas companies often advertise a cheaper price but beware, they do not offer cPanel or email and everything you need to build a website. When you add all the things you need it ends up being more expensive, plus they often advertise in US dollars. We also recommend buying your domain name and hosting from the same company for ease of use.

Four companies we have used in the past are:

Australian owned and run company
Buying a domain name in Australia
Learn how to operate a computer from scratch



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