A Basic Website takes approximately 12 hours to build, my rate for Training is $36.00 per hour. Minimum Training is 3 hour sessions.

I can teach you step by step to plan, design and set up your own Website.

This training can be at your work place or home, either during work hours or after hours. Or you can come to my place of business. This often depends on who has the fastest internet connection.  The training starts at the very beginning of the process, buying a Domain Name and Web Hosting and then adding the folders required to set up the Content Management System (CMS). As with all services I offer, this can be tailored to suits your needs and that of the website you envision. We will then move onto how to properly monitor and update your Website, including backing up and tracking the Websites traffic flow. Once finished I will still be available to assist with any problems or questions and can monitor the site remotely to ensure all is running smoothly.

The cost of this service is dependant upon time it takes to build the Website and teach you what you need to know.

My rate is $36.00 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum. As a guide it takes approximately 12 hours to set up a basic website. Once again this depends on what you need, if you already have a logo, colour scheme, fonts and photos, this is much faster.

Phone or email for a free quote on designing your Website

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