The first thing you need to do is register a domain name, then you need Web Hosting, and finally someone to build the website for you. You can do this yourself if you are handy with a computer and have a photo editing program, or you can pay someone like myself. I explain how to go about each of these steps below,  I am also happy to discuss this with you, just give me a call.

A DOMAIN NAME – This is what you plan to call your site

A WEBSITE HOSTING COMPANY – This is who will display your website for you
Example: Uber Global, Net Registry, Digital Pacific, etc

CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – This is a program used to design your Website
Example: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc

A WEBSITE THEME – This is how you want your Website to look
Example: Full Screen, Boxed, Portfolio, Information Based, etc

WEBSITE CONTENT – This is the information and images you want on your Website
Example: Logo, Photos, Text, Video, Music, Maps, PDF’s, etc

The Domain Name

First we need to make sure the name you want is available, if it is then we register it. This will cost $30 for 2 years. It will be faster if you do this with the same company you want to buy your Hosting from.

The Hosting

I recommend using an Australian company, one that offers 24/7 support via phone and email. For a basic site the cheapest in Australia at present is $59.95 per year and allows 5GB SAN Disc space and 10 email addresses. You have the option of paying by the month, which is slightly more expensive at $6.95 per month but is a good option if you are unsure the size hosting package you will need.

If you plan to sell online then you may need a larger package. $124.95 per year is about average. You may also need Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates, this helps to ensure the safety of online transactions.

The next two items you can do yourself if you are computer savvy or you can hire someone like us to do it for you. Companies such as WordPress have made designing and managing your own website easy if you require only the basics, if you require more then I recommend getting some help. I can design and set up your Website and then teach you to manage it yourself, this will save you money.

The last item is your content, what you want to say about your business or service, and what you want to show prospective customers.

The cost of designing and building a Website starts at $279

All sites include free support and 6 months worth of updates and changes.  This will allow you to fine tune the website until you are happy with result and allow me to track how it is performing and make any suggestions or corrections based on the way it is tracking.

Phone or email for a free quote on designing your Website.

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